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Help protect your income with monthly disability benefits.

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Group Business Overhead Expense

Would your practice have the cash flow it needs to cover expenses if an accidental injury or a serious illness kept you from seeing patients?

For many optometry practices, it's a significant challenge. That's why the AOA set up the Business Overhead Expense Plan to help pay your practice expenses if a disability keeps you from working.

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Group Long-Term Disability Income Insurance

How long would the balance in your checking account last if a serious illness or injury kept you from working … for months at a time?

How quickly would your hard-earned savings disappear if your family had to tap into it for monthly expenses like the mortgage, car payments, groceries and electricity?

The AOA's Group Long-Term Disability Income Insurance Plan may be a practical solution to help protect your income … your practice … your financial future.

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Group Short-Term Disability Income Insurance

Imagine a car accident left you with broken ribs and a separated shoulder. The doctor says you'll be fine in a few months … but in the meantime, you can't see patients.

How would your family make ends meet if you couldn't work for a few months?

The AOA's Group Short-Term Disability Income Insurance Plan can help you fill the gap.

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Student No-Cost Group Long-Term Disability Program

Eligible members of the class of 2020 were given the opportunity to activate a No-Cost Long Term Disability benefit*.

*Offer is dependent on AOA plan experience and is not guaranteed for future years.

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